Your Fort Collins Adventure Begins: Enjoying the Golden Years in an Urban Environment

Eating at the desk to finish tasks more quickly, working long hours to get a project done, forgoing a vacation to avoid disrupting the work schedule, and sending follow-up emails even after work hours — these are all part of a workday for the typical American worker. Often, we work to the point that the line between professional and personal lives is blurred, at best, and non-existent, at worst.
Some of us work hard simply because it is what’s expected in the workplace. But we also work hard for a luxurious retirement. Whether you’re looking for a single-detached house or a luxury townhome in Fort Collins, consider retiring in an urban environment. There is a lot in store for you in the city!

What’s So Great About Retiring in the City?

Fort Collins is a vibrant city with a small-town atmosphere. Locally-owned businesses thrive and residents adopt an environmentally friendly culture. In addition, the city is close enough to Denver that residents can enjoy the perks of Colorado’s capital city without the hustle and bustle of a large metropolis.
If you’re looking for a place to retire, one of the luxurious townhomes in Fort Collins might be the right one for you. Here are compelling reasons to consider retiring in the city:

  • Social interaction is crucial to anyone’s emotional and mental well-being, especially for retirees who are no longer constantly surrounded by people. Fort Collins has a wide range of civic clubs and community centers where you can meet and spend time with a solid network of friends.
  • Living in a city means quicker access to local businesses. This means the bakery, the grocery, the dry cleaners, and similar shops are conveniently located near your residence.

  • Medical services are easier to find in the city. Whether you need a quick check-up or require treatment for a chronic illness, the nearest hospital is only a stone’s throw away from wherever you are in Fort Collins.

  • Public transportation is generally more accessible in cities. Local organizations also provide low cost transportation services that meet your travel mobility limitations.
You will never get bored in Fort Collins. Convenience and accessibility aside, the city offers an array of recreational opportunities and cultural attractions that add value to your retirement life. Its parks, open spaces, lakes, reservoirs, art scene, and quaint boutiques will make your golden years shine even more brightly.

Why Should You Look for a Conservatively-Sized Property?

A high-ceilinged mansion with a majestic spiral staircase that greets everyone who enters through the large central hallway — many people dream about living in a property like this. But when you are looking for your retirement dream home, there are many residence styles available in Fort Collins.
When you retire, you have all the time in the world to focus on activities that you actively skipped while you were still working. You can now grow a flower bed or a vegetable garden in your yard. You can even plan outdoor fishing trips during the weekend. So, why move into a large house that requires more time and effort for maintenance when you can live comfortably in a townhome that is more manageable in size, but none the less luxurious?
Get in touch with us, now, and we’ll find your dream retirement home in the city.