Smart Home Technology for Townhomes: Ideal Applications and Their Benefits

Smart technology is an attractive addition to any home. The devices that make up a smart home are designed to enhance your quality of life and even those who are not familiar with the latest smart devices can appreciate their benefits.

  • Connectivity – You can receive alerts about various aspects of your home (e.g., security notifications, heating and cooling temperatures) on your phone. Similarly, you can use your smartphone to adjust indoor climate settings, notify your security company in case your alarm goes off, and play music on your sound system.

  • Convenience – With voice integration and AI, you can use voice commands to turn on and off the lights, air conditioning system, electric curtains and skylights, and other integrated features of your house.

  • Energy efficiency – Although smart technologies rely on electricity, they promote energy efficiency by keeping energy-demanding utilities like heaters and thermostats in check.

Other areas that smart technology can enhance are entertainment and security systems, wellness, and everyday routines like checking the news, checking your daily calendar, and so forth.

When you put together smart devices that connect these functions into a seamless, smart ecosystem and then integrate them into a Colorado smart home, you have a prime property that makes downtown living even more appealing.

Ideal Smart Technologies for Townhouses

Among the smart technologies that now populate the market, which ones are appropriate for townhouses? We're not experts on home technology at Prestigio Real Estate, but we can give you some good ideas based on market observations and client feedback.

1. Integrated Voice and AI Assistance

The ability to walk into a room and turn on the lights without lifting a finger used to be the stuff of fiction — but not anymore. The market now boasts household gadgets that are supported by well-developed digital assistants like Amazon's Alexa (via Echo Smart Home Hub) and Google Assistant (via Google Home Hub). With AI-powered software, you can dim the lights and stream Netflix on your TV with a voice command and listen to a traffic update while you're preparing breakfast.

2. Climate Control

Imagine inviting some friends over for dinner. With so many people in the house, not to mention the amount of cooking you'll be doing, it's bound to get hotter indoors. With smart climate control, you won't have to keep adjusting the temperature of your central air conditioner; your smart home system will do it for you. Likewise, it will keep your thermostat temperature at comfortable levels consistently during winter.

High-tech versions of home climate control technology also allow you to control your AC or heater remotely using your smartphone. You'll be able to turn them on or off even when you're not on the premises, ensuring that the temperature will be just right the moment you step inside your home.

3. Home Security

Home security is paramount to every homeowner. Fortunately, there's a variety of smart home security devices available today. Remote-controlled door and window locks, motion sensors, indoor and outdoor A/V surveillance, and smoke and CO2 detectors are examples. Some manufacturers design and trademark their own interface, while others make their products compatible with established smart home hubs like Samsung Smartthings, Hubitat Elevation, and, as mentioned above, Amazon Echo and Google Home.

Ready to Live in a Smart Home?

It can take a while to get used to smart home technology, but once you get the hang of it, it can make life easier.

Prestigio Real Estate can help you find houses and townhouses with smart home features in Old Town Fort Collins, Denver, or anywhere else in Northern Colorado. Browse our listings or chat with our agents to see your options.