History, Scenery, and so Much More in Fort Collins

Colorado is a state with rich culture, picturesque scenery, and great food. It also has a hidden treasure: the city of Fort Collins.

Recently, Forbes ranked Fort Collins one of the best places to travel to in 2019. Why not consider putting down roots in a picturesque city with a stable housing market and many offerings?

Take in the View

One of the best things about Fort Collins is its beautiful scenery. There are bike paths and hiking trails all over the city, perfect for anyone who wants to stay fit. What’s a greater motivator to hop on a bike or put on a pair of running shoes than the fresh air and grand view of the Rocky Mountains?

Old Town Fort Collins is so picturesque that it inspired a part of Disneyland. If you’ve ever been to the Happiest Place on Earth, you’ve probably gone down the Main Street, U.S.A. attraction. It’s meant to look and feel like the ideal American town. There’s no need to travel all the way to California to experience this little slice of Americana, however-- living in Old Town Fort Collins lets you experience this all-American charm every day.

Grab a Brew

Another way to fall in love with Fort Collins is to sample all its breweries have to offer. Founded in 1991, the New Belgium Brewery is now the fourth largest craft brewery in the U.S., and they’re as committed to the environment as they are to making great beer.

There are also other notable microbreweries like the Odell Brewing Company (the first craft brewery in Fort Collins), Funwerks, and The Fort Collins Brewery. Apart from the microbreweries, Fort Collins also houses a Budweiser plant.

Fort Collins’ love affair with beer culminates in the annual Colorado Brewers’ Festival, which spreads out over the downtown area as everyone celebrates with beer and parties on the streets.

Learn History Through Food and Art

There’s always something new to try in Fort Collins. Its culinary offerings are as diverse as its residents.

According to Visit Fort Collins, the city’s food options include Nepalese, Japanese, Vietnamese, Oaxaca Mexican, Italian, French, and Ethiopian cuisines.

Fort Collins is also home to Colorado State University, making it a lively college town filled with different food options. Every day, you can discover something new to try - brewing, cooking, or baking.

If you need more reasons to stay, check out the city’s art scene. It has various live theater productions throughout the year, as well as orchestras and ballet troupes. Old Town Fort Collins is also full of galleries filled with the work of local artists, craftsmen, and photographers.

All of these amenities—the Old Town Square, the bike trails, the breweries, and the state college—give you an opportunity to learn about important moments in Fort Collins' history.

Ready to Move?

Fort Collins has preserved a bit of the small-town America atmosphere as it grows into a modern, exciting, and diverse city. With its rich culture and picturesque views, Fort Collins is a fun and interesting city to visit and a wonderful place to call home.

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