Downtown Dreams: Living Where Everything is Within Reach

There’s no denying the importance of location when buying a property. “Location, location, location,” as the saying goes. And among the most coveted properties are those in the middle of urban areas — where restaurants, cafes, boutiques, and businesses are all just a few steps away.

Prestigio Real Estate’s luxury condos in Fort Collins live up to their claim of luxury thanks to their ideal location and respectable walkability score.

Walkability Factor and Why it Matters

Living in a condo that puts everything you need within easy reach is a huge asset and can be a greater perk than add-ons like an exclusive beach club membership. After all, you likely need the convenience of not going far just to buy groceries or enjoy a quiet cup of coffee more than you’ll take on a trip to the beach.

Downtown Fort Collins, for instance, has a walkability score of 81. You’ll find yourself centrally located to breweries, markets, a Creative District, a vibrant music scene, and a variety of restaurants and cafes.

Moreover, investing in a luxury condo in a walkable neighborhood offers a broad range of benefits, apart from convenience. You can enjoy a more social environment, better mental and physical health (thanks to more opportunities for exercise), and more savings (due to fewer transportation fares or car expenses).

Car-free and Traffic-free Living

Living downtown doesn’t just put you near restaurants and shops — it can also put you near your workplace.

Greater accessibility to your workplace means you won’t need to book an Uber frequently nor spend as much money on gas and car maintenance. In fact, depending on where you live, you can even enjoy a car-free life. More than the cost of commuting each day to work, you’ll be able to lessen the amount to lost work time (or rest time) spent in a car. You can say goodbye to the days of having to drive or commute home through traffic after a long, stressful day at work.

Paradise for Your Inner Epicure

A downtown condo makes it easier for you to find a place for a quick bite to eat, whether it’s in the evening after you clock out or in the morning as you walk to the office. Additionally, you’re not just closer to restaurants, but you’ll also find a larger selection of places and cuisines to choose from.

The wider variety of shops within closer proximity to each other offers another boon: more competitive price ranges. You can indulge your inner epicure daily at a reasonable cost or treat yourself occasionally to a fine dining meal without depleting your savings.

A Vibrant Entertainment District

Condos in a downtown area offer greater access to entertainment. Take Downtown Fort Collins, for instance. You’ll find no shortage of activities in the evening with the neighborhood’s lively bars, craft beer scene, live summer concerts, and more. The downtown area also has several theaters and museums (some which also offer “after dark” events) for your share of culture and history.

Overall, downtown condos are perfect for anyone seeking independence, convenience, and a touch of luxury.

We offer several luxury condo units in Fort Collins and other amazing locations with a high walkability factor. Contact Prestigio Real Estate today for any questions about any of our properties. We’ll gladly help you find a condo unit to fit your needs and wants.