At Fort Collins, Incredible Music and Arts Await

Moving? Buy in Old Town Fort Collins. Your social calendar will never want for an engagement; the area’s music and arts scene is perpetually in full swing. With countless music halls and galleries, this city is alive with grand productions and every kind of visual arts.

Here are a few things that await you in the Cultural Capital of Northern Colorado.

World-Class Theatrical Performances

Fort Collins offers more opportunities to see outstanding theatrical performances than any city center in the state. For example, the Colorado State University’s Performing Arts Center — it’s where budding stage actors and producers showcase their talents. A fan of Broadway? Fort Collins is always part of the theatrical tours, giving you a chance to watch the world’s biggest plays. Your kids will also love going and participating in the long-standing children’s theater companies.

Why are there so many theatrical performances in the city? Well, it’s partly because the local authorities and residents work together to help the theatrical community flourish. For instance, the Downtown Creative District organization connects creatives to their fans and promotes their work.

The Lively Music Scene

Music events and festivals are commonplace in Fort Collins, especially between May and September. If you live downtown, you’re a short distance away from music halls that feature up-and-coming artists as well as pop, rock, or jazz stars.

Take part in the big three Fort Collins music events: the Bohemian Nights New West Fest, the Taste of

Fort Collins, and the Fort Collins Music eXperiment (FoCoMX). Whatever genre you enjoy, you’ll have something to look forward to here.

Another great thing about the music scene is that many concerts come free of charge. Crowd favorites include:

  • Lagoon Summer Concert Series – A Northern Colorado summer tradition, it comprises eight free concerts that unite music lovers of all ages.
  • Noontime Notes Concert Series – An intimate concert series at Oak Street Plaza during June and July. It’s free and best enjoyed with your favorite lunch sandwich.
  • Downtown Sessions Concert Series – Friday night concert series at Old Town Square from June to October. It’s free, too.

Art Galleries and Museums

Book trips to the city’s countless art galleries and museums. The Fort Collins Museum of Discovery boasts engaging displays that teach museum-goers science and history. The Fort Collins Museum of Art have everything from Andy Warhol to Marilyn Monroe. The Bee Family Centennial Museum offers a one-of-a-kind learning experience on irrigation, sugar beet industry, and lamb feeding. Visit the Avenir Museum of Design and Merchandising and the Center for Fine Art Photography, too.

You don’t even have to go to galleries to experience art. Take a short walk downtown, and you’ll see all sorts of public art on the streets. Murals, big and small, cover both modern and historic buildings —proof that the residents of Fort Collins create art as much as they consume it.

At Fort Collins, you get to satisfy your eyes, ears, and soul. Contact Prestigio Real Estate today for condo listings in Downtown Fort Collins.