Then GSV by Prestigio Real Estate is a MUST!


What the heck is a GSV, you ask? It stands for GOLD STANDARD VALUE. Let us break it down for you...


Step 1: We will determine the appraised value of your home using historic information as well as data from real estate sales that have transpired in your neighborhood in the last 6 months. This is an important factor in determining what price your home will sell at but its not the only method that should be used. Many agents make this mistake and it can cost you thousands of dollars!


Step 2: We use our 30 years of combined experience in real estate sales and appraising to determine what the current market value should be. We target where the market is going and make sure you are in a position to maximize the value of your home. We will also advise you on whether your home needs any upgrades and which things should be left as is. We’ll even help you stage your furniture in the most aesthetically pleasing way for potential home buyers.


The results are hyper-specialized home value that will tell you exactly what you should sell your home for AND direction on what you can do to ensure it sells quickly! It’s a foolproof method and it will only cost you….$0.00! Yep, that’s right - we will do it for FREE if you are a motivated seller.

The only catch? You need to hurry! We only have a limited number of appointments that we are able to offer a month and HALF of them are already gone! CALL US TODAY SO THAT WE CAN RESERVE YOUR APPOINTMENT!